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Information services centre

The Information services centre is located above the Science lab.

The centre has been refurbished through the Building Education Revolution (BER) program. There is a new layout and furniture. The collection has been upgraded to suite curriculum needs. The addition of student art works has improved the ambience of the centre.

TheĀ  centre is open school days: before school after around 7:45am onwards, at Lunch break and during periods 1-4. The centre is closed at recess and the period 2-3 break.

Students with a timetable study period can be either in the Information Services Centre or the Canteen. Both these locations have wireless internet pickup for DET laptops. Respect other users as the centre is a quiet place.

Students can borrow using their ID card, this card also holds an initial credit of $5 for photocopying and printing.

Students can borrow ten (10) books for 14 days.

The centre is home for the Technology services officer who looks after laptop computers.

The centre houses the School tutors who assist students with learning matters.

The centre SAS staff coordinate student lockers.

Information guides are produced for assessment tasks. Guides show students where to find information to answer topic questions and can be assessed on the student common and the school network.